About us

AKRONEX International Fire Engineering Inc. is a manufacturer of gas fire extinguishing systems with clean agents… 

Internatonal Service

AKRONEX International Fire Engineering Inc.

AKRONEX International was established in 2007 and operates in the fire sector, which has become a must in technology age. Our company, which specializes in “Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems”, attaches great importance to the research and development which is the necessity of information age, and follows the technological developments in the world closely and adopts the principle of producing service with the latest products with international qualifications and approvals. AKRONEX International, which produces to many regions of the world, continues to expand its communication and production network with 16 representatives in different countries.


AKRONEX International has made the principle of producing environment friendly products with constantly thinking of innovation by investing in research and development to make continuous production of national and international standards.


By providing fully promote our brand communication, strengthened in the international area, Becoming Turkey’s leading manufacturers in the production of Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems and compete with the world-class brands.